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Biolytix carefully researched the reasons for the problems and high operating costs of septic tanks and aerated wastewater systems and developed a totally new wastewater treatment system. Biolytix septic tanks mimic nature to provide passive, reliable treatment of household wastewater

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The Biolytix BioPod – Naturally aerated wastewater treatment

At the heart of the Biolytix wastewater treatment process is the BioPod. The BioPod is a unique and patented method of treating household wastewater to a level that is suitable for beneficial irrigation of lawns & gardens. The BioPod works by mimicking the way nature breaks down waste which is far more efficient and less energy intensive than conventional wastewater treatment.

Why use high energy machines when nature can do the work for us?

Inside the BioPod

Inside the BioPod is a layered filter bed, engineered to quickly separate the solids from the liquid sewage and to provide a stable environment for the micro and macro organisms that break down the separated solid waste into a stable humic product. The organisms, including tiger worms introduced to the BioPod on commissioning, ensure the entire filter bed is naturally aerated, eliminating the smell often associated with septic tanks and with mechanically aerated wastewater systems. The organisms feed on the waste exactly as they would in nature. By consuming the waste the organisms remove the vast majority of contaminants from the wastewater.

The engineered ecosystem inside the BioPod can be sustained indefinitely with solid material repeatedly broken down and resulting humic material becoming a part of the filter and part of the filtration process. The worms and other treatment organisms simply breed and replenish themselves. Because of the relative lack of mechanical components in the filter bed the BioPod only needs one annual service (most competing systems require 3-4 services each year). Near the bottom of the tank is a geofabric layer, which removes any residual fine solids larger than 80 micron size. This purified and filtered water is then ready to be pumped into the garden for further polishing and where it can be utilised as a beneficial irrigation resource.


The Biolytix MultiPod is an onsite treatment system designed to treat wastewater from domestic sources. It uses a double tank configuration and is based on an enhanced trickling filter process which mimics a natural soil habitat. The MultiPod is designed to comply with AS/NZS 1546.3:2008 and must be operated in accordance with this standard.

The treated wastewater will usually be disposed of via a land application system. AS/NZS 1547:2012 describes various land application disposal options for secondary-treated effluent. Disposal systems must comply with the relevant Regional Authority rules and these should be consulted.

The MultiPod is perfect for upto 8-Bedroom house or 13 people.


Wasteflow – Advanced treated effluent dispersal

The land disposal system is a critical component of any on-site wastewater system yet it is the component that typically gets lesser consideration during the design, installation and maintenance of a wastewater system. As a consequence the disposal system is the area problems will typically become evident. Not only that, a poorly performing disposal system can have a negative impact on the performance of the treatment system.

Land Dispersal via Dripline Irrigation

The land dispersal of treated effluent into or onto the land is the ultimate in sustainable disposal options. When correctly designed and controlled water and residual nutrients in the treated effluent can be dosed to plant root zones and beneficially utilised as a free source of irrigation water. Soil microbes further polish the treated effluent finishing the job started by the BioPod.

Biolytix - How it Works (Video)

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